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What a Crossing Guard Taught Me About the Gospel

Every morning, I wake up around 4 to study. Once Cayden, my ten month old, wakes up, I get him dressed so we can go on a walk. It’s my favorite part of the day.

When we walk, I try to take him a different route everyday. It’s good for me because I see things that I can incorporate into sermons or articles. I think it’s good for Cayden because he gets to see more of the world and hopefully have a spirit of exploration.

One of the routes we take brings us by a crossing guard for the school.

His ministry amazes me.

Montreal with his classic smile.

All of those cars are flying down the road, but when he sees someone that needs to cross, he steps out into the street, puts his hand in the air, and brings these people to a stop.

In the busy world that we live in that worships the clock, he’s got a lot of guts!

I was thinking about this when it hit me: this man understands the power of the gospel.

The gospel compels us to step out into the busy highway of evil and injustice, put our hands boldly into the air, and bring the world to a stop on behalf of those who are helpless.

Just like this crossing guard escorts children across the road, we are to assist those who have been forgotten by society.

I pray that I can be more like this crossing guard. He trusts not in his own ability but in the authority that he has been given to bring the cars to a stop. The Lord who cast out demons, healed the sick, and fed the hungry bestows upon us a similar authority through the gospel to stand up to the evil and injustices all around us in the world.

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