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The Need for Authenticity

  • Unity

What does it mean to be authentic? Why do we desire authenticity? And how might the individual need for authenticity fit in with the greater corporate need for authenticity in a church, community, family, or business? Consider this article an… Read More »The Need for Authenticity

Campbell’s Cannibals

  • Unity

If, however, you bite and devour one another, take care that you are not consumed by one another. Galatians 5:15 The Restoration Movement has been a blessing to a great number of people. I, for example, would not be the… Read More »Campbell’s Cannibals

Who Will Be in Heaven?

Here’s a link to my latest article in the Sand Mountain Reporter:

The Joy of Disagreeing

  • Unity

Disagree. That’s a word that might cause some of us a little inner anxiety. If you were trained to view any disagreement as a departure from truth, then even putting yourself into a situation where there may be a disagreement… Read More »The Joy of Disagreeing

The Best Test of Doctrine

  • Unity

The Argument Against Arguments For most of my preaching career I have been obsessed with arguing doctrine. Give me a good debate book with solid syllogisms, quality charts, and flashy speeches, and I’d be happily occupied for at least an… Read More »The Best Test of Doctrine