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Leviticus Handouts!

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Hello my friends! So, I have two more weeks of school left after this Sunday. I’ve already finished one of my classes and all but one of my major essays! Once I finish those and my exams I’ll be DONE… Read More »Leviticus Handouts!

Follow My Audio Book!

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My book How a 25-Year-Old Learned He Wasn’t the Only One Going to Heaven is out now in paperback, PDF, and kindle formats. It is also becoming available via audio book on my Gumroad account. If you’d like to purchase… Read More »Follow My Audio Book!

How Are You Doing? really.

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In the mornings when you first get to work, you inevitably trade those usual questions and answers. Co-worker: “How are you this morning?”You: “Doing well. And you?”Co-worker: “Same old, same old.” And do you know that feeling when someone breaks… Read More »How Are You Doing? really.