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“What Makes the Church of Christ Different?”

I grew up in Piedmont, Alabama which is just down the road from Allen Webster’s old congregation, the Jacksonville Church of Christ. While our congregations didn’t have the greatest relationship, I attended a lot of the events Jacksonville hosted such as Teen Night Tuesday, Upward, and several gospel meetings and Friday Night singings. Allen always treated me with kindness. He is a prolific writer and speaker, and so when I saw that he would be speaking at a congregation near me, I thought I’d check out his lectures.

I wasn’t able to make it in person, so when I went to check in on the live recordings, I got a few minutes into the lecture when I realized that it might be good for you to hear my real-time thoughts and reactions to some of the points he was making. When we talk about the Church of Christ and what makes it different, I think we end up using the word “church” in a few different ways and, in doing so, end up unintentionally misrepresenting others who attend a different brand of church from ourselves.

This video is lengthy since we listen to both Allen’s and my thoughts, but I think it will be well worth your attention, even if you walk away not agreeing with me.

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