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Watch Out for Change Agents! (Feb 28-Mar 6, 2021)

Watch Out for Change Agents!

Several years ago, I heard a lesson on “Change Agents in the Church.” The preacher warned of those who try to bring about change. To him, change is a bad thing and an indication that a person or congregation has strayed from the Truth. But is change always bad? Should we always turn away change agents? Absolutely not. Jesus was the biggest change agent the world has ever known! He didn’t challenge God, but He challenged people’s perception of God. He didn’t challenge Scripture, but He challenged how people use, view, and interpret Scripture. If we are to follow Jesus, we must be agents of change in our world. We too must challenge perceptions of God, the Bible, and Christianity which are harmful, unloving, and destructive. So, watch out for change agents! Watch out so you can support their work, give them a place to stay, and encourage them on their holy mission to bring about positive change in the world. May we all be change agents!

Listen to this sermon live on YouTube Sunday at 10:55 AM EST.

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