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Those Who Scheme Righteousness (Feb 21-27, 2021)

Those Who Scheme Righteousness

“Woe to those who scheme iniquity, Who work out evil on their beds! When morning comes, they do it, For it is in the power of their hands. They covet fields and then seize them, And houses, and take them away. They rob a man and his house, A man and his inheritance” (Micah 2:1–2). Greed is a destructive force that is the very root of all problems in the world. If we could convert greed into compassion and covetousness into mercy, then we could pave the way for a better future for all. The only force capable of radically transforming the world in this way is the gospel of Christ. So, how do we start? We must scheme righteousness, work out goodness in our beds, and when morning comes, we must put our plans into action. Those who work evil do not hesitate, so we must be doubly persistent. Now is the time to put our plans and good ideas into action. We must not waste any more time!

Those Who Scheme Righteousness
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