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The Book of Revelation is Not Rome Vs Jerusalem

It is a book about the non-violent Heavenly kingdom versus the violent earthly kingdom.

On one hand, we have the zealots who believe that peace comes about through violence and revolt.

On the other hand, we have the followers of the Lamb who was slain who believe that peace comes through laying down your life for others.

The wrath of God, which is simply the natural consequences of choosing the former path, comes upon the zealots in the Book of Revelation whereas the saints enjoy eternal life and fellowship with the Father.

When we read about Satan in the New Testament, he is almost always connected with the myth of redemptive violence: the temptations of Jesus, Peter refusing to accept the reality of the crucifixion, the betrayal, legion, the persecution of the Thessalonians, the lion of 1 Peter 5, etc.

His role in Revelation is the same role he played in the gospels.

Rome is present in the Book of Revelation, but only as a consequence of the zealots actions and hyper-dependence on the flesh.

The real story of the Revelation is the heavenly kingdom (led by Jesus from who’s mouth comes a sharp two edged sword) versus the fleshly kingdom (led by Satan who is the original murderer).

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