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Support My New Book

Good morning, everyone!

As I continue to work towards the release of my book, there are a few steps in the process I’m having to outsource so that I can really make it into something special (stuff like editing, graphic design, promotional materials, etc.). If you’d like to help out in any way, my cash app is $danielcr2011 and my PayPal username is @danielcr2011. If you send $30+, please send me your mailing address, and you’ll get a free copy when it releases! If you send less, then we’ll work something out!

Right now the release date is set for September 1st! The manuscript is complete. Most of my friends have had a chance to read through it already and have made their suggestions, so there are just a few more finishing touches before I feel comfortable recording the audiobook!

Regardless of if you choose to “pre-order” or not, thanks for simply subscribing to these newsletters/ blog posts!

If you haven’t listened yet, in a recent podcast, I talk about COVID and “getting back to normal.” You can subscribe at

Have a great Thursday,


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