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Please Contribute to this Burial Expense Fundraiser

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Hello my friends.

I have very sad news. One of our families at North Broad just lost their three-week-old son. He was the youngest of three.

This is the second time they have lost a new born.

Words cannot begin to express the shock, sadness, and pain they must be feeling.

If you can, please consider donating to Ryhett’s burial and other expenses. Any little bit helps.

Click this link to donate.

If you would rather mail a check, you can send it to North Broad Street Church of Christ 308 North Broad Street, Albertville, AL, 35950. Just make it plain why you are sending the money.

Alternatively, if you want to send it to my PayPal ( or cash app ($danielcr2011) and have me get it to them, you can do that as well.

Thank you all in advance for your generosity.

1 thought on “Please Contribute to this Burial Expense Fundraiser”

  1. Hi Daniel,
    I sent a donation via your Paypal. Please make a note that your Paypal account does not have a $ sign before it, as you have noted above. Or is that for a cash app? I don’t know anything about apps. Prayers for the family during this difficult time.

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