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North Broad – Cayden’s Favorite Place

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Cayden absolutely loves North Broad. He loves Bible class. He enjoys the singing. But, most importantly, he loves the people.

Not only does he run to give them hugs when he sees them, waves at them from across the building, and could chase them around all afternoon, but he talks about them constantly.

Each morning when we are on the way to daycare and each night before we go to bed, we sing “Pat the Bible.”

Pat the Bible: one, two, three. God loves _____ and God loves me.

After we get through the obligatory Cayden, Momma, and DaDa, we sing through our church friends: Et Et, Ya Ya, Ray Ray, Ci Ci, Jersmy, Jays, Yenny, and of course Toy and Ty Ty. He will sing about Eat Eat and Nanna, Book and Alya.

After we sing a song before bed, we say a prayer, and guess what! We pray about everyone we just sang about.

Of course we pray and sing about family members, but nobody in his North Broad crew can be forgotten! Not even LeAnne and especially not Maverick! (To be honest, Maverick gets mentioned more than anyone else; he’s LeAnne’s golden retriever and the church’s mascot).

Cayden’s only been going to North Broad for six months, and he’s already in love with everyone there.

I know that you can find a home there too.

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