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New Podcast/ Website: “That’s it?” Part 1 | Introduction

Welcome to my new series entitled: “That’s it?”

When I explain my view of prophecy to someone, that it was all fulfilled in the fall of Jerusalem in AD70, one of the most common questions is, “Is that really all there is?” Or another way, “So there is nothing else we can expect in our future?” What awesome questions! And they are in desperate need for good, solid answers.

“Look at the world around us. There is death, decay, suffering, tears, and obvious mortality. How can this be all there is? Is this what the world is just destined to be forever since all prophecy has been fulfilled?”

My answer to this question is a resounding, “No!” And this series is all about explaining why.

Accompanying this series, I will be recording a podcast episode talking about each major article. The podcasts will be hosted in two places: here and

I don’t have any expectations for the length of this series, so I hope you will enjoy it regardless of how long or short it is. Since I don’t know the length, I want each article to function as its own standalone piece while, at the same time, be a continuation of the larger series. This will be helpful in two ways: not everyone will read every article, so they won’t feel lost, and, two, those who do take the time to read every article will feel like it is headed somewhere, which it is, and they will get the most out of it.

Use my new website (linked in a new tab on this site) to find a list of all the podcasts and articles.

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