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New Podcast Episode!

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Hey everybody!

I have exciting news. I am the new host of Exploring Faith, Pursuing Grace. This podcast was started by my good friends Kevin Pendergrass and Lee Grant a few years ago. They did an awesome job tackling difficult subjects, finding awesome guests, and building a community on Facebook. But they are understandably burnt out on producing weekly episodes, so they asked me if I could take over.

I’m going to start off with bi-weekly episodes, and I am looking for guests to appear on the show. I already have a healthy list, and hopefully I can find more to add to it, but I’m always open to suggestions.

My plan for this podcast is to focus on reconstruction. While Kevin and Lee did a lot of work in tackling some of the old beliefs that we all used to have as members of the Churches of Christ, we all agree its time to put our energies towards showing what Christianity can be in the 21st century, especially within the context of the ongoing culture wars and our postmodern culture.

In this first episode, I ask an old question, “What must I do to be saved?” But instead of answering this question within the typical binary categories we are used to that focus on one’s eternal destiny (Where will you go when you die?), I shift the focus to how our actions affect the world around us in this life.

I hope you enjoy this episode! Be sure to subscribe to it on iTunes, Podbean, Spotify, or you can find the episodes on my YouTube channel as well!

Thanks for your continued support.

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