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New Commentary Coming This Summer


Thank you all for the continued support. I just finished my commentary on 1 Thessalonians and have started in on 2 Thessalonians. I hope to have the second book done and all of it edited by the end of May depending on our housing situation.

We are in FL right now which is why I haven’t done more videos. I’ve gotten several review requests, and I will get to those when I get back to my home in Alabama.

Also, I have been given permission to start in on a very exciting project, but I can only say that much right now. It is going to come in three parts; print, audio. and digital. It is going to be a very time consuming endeavor, so it may take through the summer to really do right. When I finish, though, it is going to be very exciting.

The financial support offered by some of you has helped more than you know. Transitioning to Florida has taken a toll on our finances, but your continued assistance is keeping us above water. All of you who have assisted and those of you who will assist will have special access to the media above when it is published (more on that later).

More on the Commentary

The commentary on Thessalonians (and the others to follow) will be available in the following ways:

  1. Book
  2. Kindle
  3. E-Sword compatible module
  4. Logos compatible personal book file

As more editions of the commentary come out, those of you who get the E-Sword or Logos file will be able to purchase upgraded builds for your records.

Thanks again for all that you do,

Daniel and Laura

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