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Luke – The Kingdom and Messianic Banquet

This is probably one of my favorite videos that I have created. I am very excited about it and about this subject. I hope you enjoy it too.

Recently I’ve been reading back through the Bible. As I read, I make clippings of passages that stand out to me. These are things that I may not have noticed before or have forgotten about. Today, we will be studying a prevalent theme that jumped out of the page: the coming of the kingdom and the Messianic Banquet. Below is a very rough outline of my thoughts.

8:10/ 10:23-24/ 17:20 – they see/ no observation

9:26-27/ 10:10-12 [upon you – 11:20]/ 12:59/ 19:11ff – judgement

13:28 – Abraham/ wicked thrown out / Messianic Banquet

12:36 – Wedding 14:14-15/ 18:30/ 20:34 – resurrection in age to come

22:16-18 – Passover a type of messianic banquet

22:29-30 – messianic banquet/ judgement/ kingdom

23:42 – when?

21:23, 28, 34-36 – fall of Jerusalem

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