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Livestream/ Zoom details

Some wanted to know if we would be having Zoom meetings on Sundays and Wednesday’s. They also inquired about extra classes over Zoom throughout the week. If we generate enough interest, I wouldn’t mind having a Monday night Zoom Bible study each week.

As for now, here is the info for Sunday and Wednesday:

Feel free to call in on your phone or computer via zoom and participate in the discussion. The usual YouTube stream will be up well, and i will be monitoring the chat during the livestream. I don’t have time with my hectic work schedule to keep up with all comments and things outside of that allotted time though. Sorry about that.

1 thought on “Livestream/ Zoom details”

  1. Hi Daniel,

    I would like to be part of a Zoom group on Monday evenings!!

    I also would participate in Sunday or Wednesday night Zoom group if you had one,

    Carol Dannenberg

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