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In Case You Missed It (2020-02-23/02-28)

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This previous week, three articles and one blog were posted on my website. Four videos were live streamed to YouTube as well. The current streaming schedule is…

Sunday: 9:35, 10:55, 5:05 (all times in Eastern)

Wednesday: 6:35

The above times are approximations that can change due to what song is led prior to the recording, the prayer, and any announcements. The Sunday morning 10:55 stream can also vary since it is the sermon which takes place in the middle of the worship. Each lesson besides the sermon is typically 45 minutes long, but it varies depending on the subject, class participation, or other factors. At this time, there is only audio accompanied by a stream of my iPad. Video may be added at a future date if there is enough interest/ demand. Currently, the live stream can be viewed on my YouTube channel which can be accessed at


This Week’s Live Streams

SUNDAY AM – Ecclesiastes 4:4-16 (38:14)

SERMON – Zacchaeus (29:11)

SUNDAY PM – Zechariah 7-8 (30:56)

WEDNESDAY – Revelation 21:4 Part 1 (56:30)


Theological Tricycle (How to recognize our presuppositions)

Walking Center Column Reference (How to make connections in the Bible)

God Sends Rain (Why should we love our enemies?)

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