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Do All Women Have to Stay Silent in Every Church?

In my latest podcast, I cover the complicated subject of the role of women in the Christian community.

Take out your Bible and a notepad to follow along!

Here is a link:

1 thought on “Do All Women Have to Stay Silent in Every Church?”

  1. This one of the major problems the kingdom of God (ie Church of Christ). Women filled with the Holy Spirit and full of power ate to be silence in the church?
    1) Big NO Bro.
    We need to remember, that when Paul said this he was dealing with a specific problem to to a particular branch of the church and we have translated in to mean all women.
    2) Small yes because if you are a wife to a preacher or an evangelist and you have the same attitude of what happened in the Corinth church, then you also need to be silence and seek teaching from your husband.
    Now Paul was specific “WIFE”. What of women who do not have husbands. What must they do if you believe all women must be silence?

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