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DAY 1 Bible Reading: Genesis 1-10

Day 1, February 15th: Genesis 1-10

Below you will find some thoughts of mine and questions I found interesting. During this challenge, you will get insights into how I read the Bible. Hopefully, this is helpful to you!

Chapters 1-2

Genesis begins with an account of the creation of heavens and earth. The first three days are three spaces or categories: light, sea, sky, and land. The latter three days supply the objects or creatures which inhabit this space: heavenly bodies, fish, birds, and land animals. Genesis 1 is all about organization and order: everything has its place. The creative force behind all this is the Spirit, which can also be translated wind. Keep track of how the word wind is used in Genesis 1-10.

Are there any other times where God sends “wind” in the Bible?

Chapter 3

The departure of Adam and Eve from the garden brings about death. This is a major theme in Scripture that is referenced in the New Testament as one of the main issues Jesus deals with.

What direction do Adam and Eve travel after leaving Eden? Who else travels this direction in these opening chapters?

Chapter 4

What is the difference between Cain and Abel’s two sacrifices? Is there anywhere else where God’s people offered vegetation? What key word is missing from Cain’s sacrifice that may explain why one was accepted and the other not?

In chapter four, a major theme is introduced: God hears the cry of the oppressed. What is significant about Abel’s blood crying out from the ground?

Chapter 6-9

Pay attention to the number of animals taken on the ark. What did God mean by “clean” and “unclean” animals hundreds of years before Mt. Sinai?

According to Genesis 8-9, will God ever destroy the Earth again?

Why would Noah punish Canaan for his father’s sin? Does the curse bear any weight?

Chapter 10

What was Nimrod known for? Why might his name and actions be mentioned in this chapter? What are significant about the cities he built?

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