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Daniel Rogers #6 An Everlasting Name

To a Hebrew, being married and given in marriage was all for the purpose of perpetuating the family name. If a family tree came to an end, those involved were considered dead and cut off. The eunuchs under this system were called “dry trees” because of their inability to produce children in the covenant. Under the New Covenant, however, being married and given in marriage does not exist. My marriage has no bearing on my relationship to my inheritance under the New Covenant. The reason for this is that we have an everlasting name that has no need to be perpetuated. It will never be cut off like the name of angels. I’m now a Son of God based off of faith – not birthright. This is life in the age to come.

2 thoughts on “Daniel Rogers #6 An Everlasting Name”

  1. Juan Carlos Peña Marrero

    This are amazing good news for every person who needs to understand the magnitud of the act of Jesus and rhe new covenant made possible by his sacrifice. The heavenly legacy of eternal life provided by God making us a new and everlasting name and salvation. Thank you brother Daniel for this excelent observation about theveverlasting name ginen to us by faith in his blood.

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