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Daniel Rogers #11 The Scriptures Can’t Be Broken

When I first began to study fulfilled prophecy, the zeal for studying the word of God began to burn within me like never before. It has opened up the true meaning of the scriptures, and it has given me a better appreciation for the word of God. The more I study, the more that appreciation and zeal grows. How has fulfilled prophecy affected your life?

3 thoughts on “Daniel Rogers #11 The Scriptures Can’t Be Broken”

  1. Dear Daniel,

    Thank you for taking the time to read my letter!

    I am hoping for a response to a thought that i have been mulling over for awhile…Here it is! In the gospels, Jesus says, essentially, that the good news would go out to the ethnos, ktisis, ge,etc. Well, in Romans and Colossians we learn that it did. Here’s my question…Since, Colossians 1:23 tells us that the good news has gone out to all creation, that fulfills Mark 16:15! Well, Mark 16:15 must be Scripture! Mark 16:15 is not in the critical text (Codex Sinaiticus &Vaticanus) but is in the textus receptus (from which we get the KJV). Therefore, textus receptus, at least in regards to Mark’s ending is correct.

    What da ya think?

    Mark, searching Scripture

  2. Dear Daniel, I would like to debate you or Don from a preterist standpoint but against covenant eschatology.

    I will be using the resources from the Pauline Paradox

    Don insists that 70AD marked the end of the Torah but a consistency analysis of the apostles writings shows that Christians actually should be circumcised, observe sabbath, and do everything that the torah says.

  3. Well fulfilled prophesy actually gave me a good idea of what’s to come for us now: the rape of nanking was a day of the lord, and the firebombing of tokyo, and our impending economic collapse with subsequent extinction event level famine.

    Really the preterists can agree with the futurists as much that where a city is living not up to noachide standards they’ll be destroyed.

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