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Christmas at Christ Church

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This evening I attended the Christmas Eve service at Christ Episcopal Church in Albertville.

It was the first Episcopal service I’ve attended. Really it was the first high church service I’ve ever participated in of any kind. My new friend Ben, who invited me to the service, delivered a sermon on the words light and darkness found in several passages that the congregation had read earlier in the night.

He did an excellent job, and he challenged us to be light in a dark world by sharing Christ’s love with those around us.

While the incense, robes, and bells were different than the traditions I’m used to, I still have a lot of appreciation for how they try to incorporate all five senses into worship. To me, it made it easy to be fully present.

At the church, I made several new friends who have common backgrounds and interests to myself.

I think it’s good for us to occasionally get out of our comfort zones and worship with Christians who may be a little different than us but are still Christ followers.

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