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Leviticus Handouts!

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Hello my friends!

So, I have two more weeks of school left after this Sunday. I’ve already finished one of my classes and all but one of my major essays! Once I finish those and my exams I’ll be DONE done. I’ll officially be a bachelor again… or something.

Anyway, here are some Leviticus handouts for you! I’ll be updating this regularly as I create them for a class I’m teaching on Sundays:

Also, I’m writing a commentary on Hebrews for my Tuesday morning class that you can read as I write and edit it! I even include the incomplete bits for you to skim over… You can find these notes along with handouts for Galatians, Malachi, and a few parables here:

Finally, did you know I wrote a book? I’ve been keeping it a secret, I know! But here’s a link to purchase and download the audiobook I’m currently creating for it, but you can already listen to like the first twenty or so chapters!

That’s about it! This is the part where cool bloggers would have a picture of their signature, but mine is too messy to show off, so I’ll just say bye!


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