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Can You Believe Kids These Days?

Man, can you believe kids these days? I just don’t know what’s gotten into this younger generation.

One of the boys at church… I can’t believe this… comes up to the building during the week and helps put together the presentation for Sunday.

And another couple of the guys comes to church every Sunday and help operate our livestream! Unbelievable.

And get this. There’s a girl in Bible class who… wait for it… asks questions. She asked this question the other day: “Where did the Gentiles go after they died before Jesus came to earth? Since they didn’t have the Law, were they just out of luck?” And would you believe she asked another question about the afterlife the next week?

What’s gotten into this generation?

We have another young lady at church who shows up to the building thirty minutes early for praise team practice. 30 minutes early on a weekend? Can you believe kids these days?

And one of our guys waits until everyone leaves then locks the building and cuts off the lights. What happened to the generation that ducked out as fast as possible so their VHS didn’t get overwritten by the next cartoon on television?

One of our girls could spend the whole summer getting into trouble, but do you know what she has the audacity to do? She drags her friends to summer camps and youth conferences!

Then there’s this one boy that participates in Bible club at school every week. Seriously? Bible club? Whatever happened to football, basketball, or chess or something? What’s going on here?

A few of our girls aren’t even technically teenagers yet, and you know what they do? They’ve volunteered to help my wife Laura in the nursery, decorate their classroom, and hardly ever miss a service.

Hey, maybe kids these days aren’t so bad after all. In fact, they’re pretty great.

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