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Attitude Over Eschatology

Folks, if you have a bad attitude, it doesn’t matter what your eschatology is. Name calling, doubting sincerity and integrity with zero actual evidence, and being rude have no place in discussions about the Bible. If you allow the love of Christ to be seen in your life, then the those around you will learn the truth of God’s word – and that truth isn’t necessarily what you believe! Letting the love of Christ be seen in your life will produce a good attitude in yourself and others. You may be right about everything there is in the Bible, but if you have a bad attitude, it profits you nothing.

2 thoughts on “Attitude Over Eschatology”

  1. Amen brother! Let the Holy Spirit of the Most High Reign in our heart so that we remain standing on the Rock, unshakeable, abiding by what Christ Jesus taught us… Love your neighbor as yourself! Through His Holy Spirit within us, treat others with Love and respect as we, ourselves, want to be treated.
    And here is praise and worship music to help us remember who is Reigning in our heart and mind; Who we should abide by…
    His Peace and Blessings to you, brother!

  2. The fact is that preterism is all about rediscovering the 1st century AD mentality.

    That mentality offends modern sensibilities (Paul tells women to shut up, 1 Cor 5 describes a capital punishment performed by the church, Timothy was a gentile because patriarchal law barred him from being an Israelite), you might even be jealous to find Muslims and Jews doing some things more correctly than yourself.

    Since everyone entered preterism being open to a radically different understanding, everyone should be academically open to radically different understandings.

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