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An Explanation of my Absence [Video]

For the past month I have been silent on social media, silent on my blog, and silent on my phone. This past month has been one of the darkest in my life, and, honestly, I have felt very ashamed of myself – too ashamed and embarrassed to even talk to anyone about it. I’ve avoided calls and other forms of interaction, and here is why.

In this stream, I’ll be talking about the past year and I will also be discussing what you can expect from me to come.

I’m sorry to everyone that I’ve worried or offended.

11 thoughts on “An Explanation of my Absence [Video]”

  1. Dear Brother,
    The majority of your social media respondents are very likely your seniors, and most may be double your age or more. That’s a sign of the relative poverty of the present age in not recognizing the blessings of a generous God and rich tradition. But for us oldsters who do appreciate your enthusiasm, learning and holy zeal, there are great solicitude and reverence accorded to the brother who is unduly challenged by adversity within or about him. The gospel enjoins it, and our own years of reversals confirm the rightness of patience and support. I pray you have or find the best inspired supporters, counsels and healing for whatever you need and for what God proposes to you. At your service in prayer.

    1. And by the way, thank you for respecting your ministry and your online attenders sufficiently to offer such a heartfelt and yet classy lesson in accountability. You have humbled any who observe it. In passing, one cannot fail to notice that an electronic medium in the hands of others, that often serves up off-putting exhibitions of rancor or self-indulgence, you have turned to candor and Word-centered insight. You are going places. God must have let a little veil come over your prior family-background church regarding you, to better test and season you for Himself. Given the quality of the character they cultivated in you, it can scarcely be that the blindness will last… although, sigh, I cannot guess the strength of grip that futurism hold there.

      1. Thank you for your very insightful response to Daniel. God is at the head of all of this & it goes far beyond any preterism in the grand scheme of things…it’s just that in Daniel’s life, God is using the preterism as part of his life’s troubles that our Lord will use to mold & to fashion a beautiful man. Daniel has nothing to be ashamed of. He is another one of us w/ whom God uses all in our lives to sanctify us. Praise His Holy Name!

  2. Thank you Daniel for sharing w/ us out here w/ an open & honest heart. That is so precious to the Lord & to the Body of Christ. So since nothing is wasted by our Lord, not even our seeming or real failures, our sins, our attitudes, our negative circumstances, or feelings, that means He uses all of it for His purposes & for our good, that is, the good, the bad & the ugly in us. You might appreciate a puritan book by Tom Watson called All Things Good. Remember that I AM means I AM whatever you need & that He doesn’t just give us good things but as we learn to let Him live in us, He IS whatever we need. So I am sure that God has done a work in you during this tough time of your life, b/c life is not all about a continual performance even of good things. Those parts of our life that we wish we didn’t have to experience are an important part of God’s tapestry. I’m glad you had such good support. God bless you.

  3. Cyndy is here. I am listening. You are Okay. Being a Preterist in our society where the church in general fights against us is Not easy. You are loved! You are blessed by God in your preaching.

    I came to Preterism in the fall of 2008. Over time, all of the church leadership came to understand what I was putting
    Into notes, letters, and folders of Scriptures. Pastor, deacons, and teachers went under cover. I mailed out my handout of Scriptures to the people in church. I went to visit the church one Sunday. That morning Pastor had to slander me and what I believe in order to protect himself. He and the deacons could not look me in the eye that morning.

    1. Well they are protecting fraudulent translations of Paul, really full preterism is true not because the scripture says so or some 1st century chronicler recorded it, but because no one practices Christianity today as the bible states it is to be done, infact its illegal and considered barbaric.

      1. Keeping up the physical building by taking refuge in falsehood and lies is easier to do than to admit to a cover-up.
        How they can live with themselves is a case of the callousness of sin.

        I have thoughts of giving them the Word of God that I have collected on deceit.

        I am no longer a member, but my husband still attends as a member.
        I will be changing my email address, soon.

  4. Daniel,

    I know I can’t fix your financial situations as you couldn’t mine and I mean this wholeheartedly and can’t replace the church family you had at Piedmont, but wanted you too know …..”YOU ARE PREACHING RIGHT NOW” to all of us out here and you/we are here for a reason. We couldn’t find a church that preached or taught the “truth”. They teach about mans’ god, Not the TRUE LIVING GOD. I have mentioned this too you before, if you can remember, I can not find a church that preaches what I believe, I never fit in with them. We (here on line) are your congregation. I’m glad you are still going too keep going…

    Prayers for you and your wife

  5. Hey Daniel, thank you for your encouragement for speaking out about this. Things happen in life like this and we like put this wall up to keep going on and bang it just hits us like a ton of bricks. I am sorry that your family church did this to you, but embrace what you have now and what you have learned. We can never change the past and sometimes we never get over it but we have to always face today, today the next day.

  6. Daniel, young man, you are a genuine blessing and will continue to be in Christ’s church for a long time, God willing.

    When my pastor husband became a preterist, he went through many trials, including being put on trial in his denomination with the verdict reached that he would be “released into independency.”

    He washed windows for a long time, among other jobs, but did preach again in a successful congregation that continues on even after his passing.

    He wasn’t “made” to wash windows and it is very clear that neither are you.

    Thank you for being so transparent and real.

    I had wondered about you and missed you and will continue to pray for all that concerns you.

    I LOVED that insight from 1 Peter 3. Goosebump material indeed!

    Carry on in Christ and in all the future revelatory gems He will show you, no doubt!

    Kari Birks

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