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A Website You Should Look At

Hello all,

Happy Saturday to you. Laura and I arrived in Florida safe and sound last night. Today is the hottest day of 2018 so far, so we are learning what they mean by “Sunny Florida.” Today I was studying 1 Corinthians 6, so I searched online for Dr Tom Holland’s website to see if he had any articles on the chapter. He is the author of Contours of Pauline Theology.

On his site, he has electronic copies of the chapters, but I would recommend purchasing the book if you can.

If you want a quick review of the book before you buy, you can go here:

Here is what I recommend when downloading the book:

  1. Download the zip file he has linked, and unzip it into a folder in your resources.
  2. Download PDFSam (free, open source, and safe PDF editor).
  3. Select the merge option and drag the files from the folder to the PDFSam program.
  4. Save the entire book to the original folder

Now you can have the entire book without having to open the individual chapters. If you are unable to do this, I can send you the copy that I put together, but I suggest clicking on his website first to give him the views before you do that.

By the way, the section on 1 Corinthians 6 is in chapter 6 of the book (go figure).

Have a great weekend and be sure to tune into Bible class tomorrow at Bible class starts at 9:35 Eastern.

In Christ,

Daniel Rogers

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