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A Day with Dallas Burdette

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“I’ve been studying the Bible, preaching, and teaching for over seventy years, and there is only two more things I have left to learn: the Old Testament and the New Testament.”

Dallas Burdette

I’m privileged to have a friend like Dr. Dallas Burdette. He is a wonderful Christian, excellent mentor, and a dear friend. Today, I traveled to Montgomery with a church buddy of mine to talk to Dallas and spend time with him. 

I also was able to take my computer and recording setup so that Dallas could appear on the podcast Exploring Faith, Pursuing Grace. I won’t spoil too much, but he told us about his life story, talked about the Stone-Campbell movement, and gave some interesting insights on various Bible passages. Be looking for his episode in January or February of 2022. I’ll be sure to post it to my site. 

Daniel and Dallas (Dec 2021)

After the recording, we went out to eat at a buffet in Montgomery and swap more stories. 

He told us about run-ins he had with various ministers, professors, and members over the years. We shared lots of laughs and even some tears throughout the day. 

If you’d like to read more about Dallas, I encourage you to read his pilgrimage of faith at his website: There are countless other essays, sermons, and books available for free through that site. 

God bless, 
Daniel Rogers

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