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A Birthday Surprise: My eBook is $7

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Hello my friends!

Today, I celebrate my thirtieth birthday! My son Cayden also turns three today, and he is definitely the best present I’ve ever gotten, even if the pants Laura bought me are pretty sweet.

To celebrate my birthday, I am sharing my pilgrimage of faith How a 25-Year-Old Learned He Wasn’t the Only One Going to Heaven for only $7. That’s a $3 discount from the listed Kindle price on Amazon!

If you’d like to purchase a copy, head over the my Gumroad account! The listed price is $7, but the price is customizable, which means you can throw in a few bucks to go towards my ministry if you’d like, but it’s not required or expected!

If you have purchased the hardback, or would like to, the orders from Amazon are extremely slow right now. Orders that were placed earlier in December are just now arriving, so please be patient with them as they get their orders to you! I’m still waiting on a shipment myself.

As a disclaimer, my book covers the good, the bad, and the ugly of my spiritual journey…so far. That is, I’m still growing, still making mistakes, and still learning a lot, so I hope you will extend the same patience towards me that I have had to learn to extend to myself!

Thank you all for your support, comments, clicks, and listens. I hope we can continue this journey together for years and years to come!

Some Reviews

Because I know Daniel, I expected this book to be good, really good. But it exceeded even my high expectations. That’s why I’m so happy you have found it…

You’re about to join Daniel in his journey through his first twenty-five years or so. I’m certain that reading about his story can help you better understand yours, and it might just give you a sense of freedom and empowerment to take what you inherited and make something even more beautiful out of it.

It did that for me, a guy about forty years ahead of Daniel. 

Whatever your age, I can’t wait to hear what this book means to you.

Brian McLaren – from the Foreword

I couldn’t put this book down. It wasn’t because it was well written or that it taught me much that I didn’t know. It definitely was well-written and informing. That wasn’t the reason I couldn’t put it down.

I have been on a similar journey to Daniel. Maybe a little behind, ironically I’m 25 myself. The reason I couldn’t put this book down was because it was so relatable. It offered me a safe space to know two things: 1. I’m not alone and 2. this road can lead somewhere healthier.

When I say relatable I mean I understood EVERY reference Daniel made whether to ministers in the Church of Christ or to tracts or to the podcasts and books he read. I mean I understood the exact feeling of being excommunicated by loved ones and the unconscious standard of Christianity set by the Acts 2:42-46 community that is church camp.

I know what it was like to have the darkest days in the midst of ministry and I just prayed that if I was on the right road God would open the doors for me to minister at the right church where I could grow and they would love me in-spite of doubt or disagreements.

I know the exact feeling of seeing God open doors.

I come from fundamentalist acapella sectarian Churches of Christ who was/is deconstructing in the middle of a ministry tenure.

I want to thank Daniel for his testimony and if you come from a similar background as me you should read this book.


This was very well written, in more of a sense of reading it as a conversation rather than just a written book. having had many religious conversations with many different people, this book made me feel like I was talking directly with the writer. 100% worth reading whether you are religious, spiritual or otherwise. Hope there is more to come from him!


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