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650,000-1,000,000 human beings died in the Civil War.
16,000,000-40,000,000 human lives were lost in World War I.
56,125,000-85,000,000 people for whom Christ died left this life in World War II.
1,500,000-4,500,000 children of God were killed in the Korean War.
2,400,000-4,300,000 souls perished in the Vietnam War.

Look at the state of the world today. Are these numbers justified? And this is just the tip of the iceberg. When you look that the other numbers on the death toll wiki, you will see an unfathomable amount of violence, death, and destruction. And for what?

Is the condition of our world today worth this tragic loss of friend and foe? And, for those who believe in eternal conscience torment, is it worth it to “gain the whole world” but doom your enemy to Hell through a bullet, bomb, or sword?

For those who believe in conditional immortality, are temporary pleasures in this life, such as so-called freedom and peace, worth sending your fellow human being to eternal nothingness?

There have been 61,800,000 abortions in the United States. The numbers above from the wars, not even counting the countless other wars that could easily be brought up, tally up to over 76,000,000. The greatest country on earth has a very bloody history. Our world has a very bloody history. Which forces us to ask, “How can anyone who claims to be pro-life support such atrocities?”

I consider myself pro-life, so I must stand up against this outrageous amount of bloodshed by asking,

Who Would Jesus Bomb?”

In reading the New Testament, the obvious answer is, “Not a soul.” Jesus offers a peace that is different from what the world (bombs, bullets, and swords) could ever offer.

Other solutions besides war may not become immediately obvious to us since our society automatically adopts an eye-for-an-eye philosophy for personal conflicts, such as dealing with bullies, to international teeth being exchanged, such as endless wars. But if we truly believe that Jesus offers us a more excellent way, then we must get creative in seeking it out. We must not tolerate these massive casualties anymore. Break the cycle of violence and show the world what the non-violent, heavenly kingdom of God is all about.

If we truly believe the the leaves of the tree of life are for the healing of the nations, we must embrace a trajectory towards life and peace for all.

Note: I have a sister that’s in the National Guard, and I am proud of her for doing what she thinks is right. Any person that serves in the military or has served in the military are not the object of my anger and frustration. We are all to blame for the state of the world in one way or another, and it will take all of us to fix it.

I will leave you with a song that is hard to listen to, but it really puts into perspective the question, “Who Would Jesus Bomb?”

Who Would Jesus Bomb – David Rovics

I’ve seen you in the markets
I’ve seen you in the streets
And at your political convention
Talking of your crusade
Talking of your nation
And other things too terrible to mention
And you proclaim your Christianity
You proclaim your love of God
You talk of apple pie and mom
Well I’ve just got one question
And I want an answer
Tell me, who would Jesus bomb?

Maybe Jesus would bomb the Syrians
‘Cause they’re not Jews like him
Maybe Jesus would bomb the Afghans
On some kind of vengeful whim
Maybe Jesus would drive an M1 tank
And he would shoot Saddam
Tell me, who would Jesus bomb?

I’ve seen you on the TV
And on the battleships
I’ve seen you in the house upon the hill
And I’ve heard you talking
About making the world safer
And about all the men you have to kill
And you speak so glibly
About your civilization
And how you have the moral higher ground
While halfway around the world
Your explosives smash the buildings
Ah, if you could only hear the sound

But maybe Jesus would sell land mines
And turn on his electric chair
Maybe Jesus would show no compassion
For his enemies in the lands way over there
Maybe Jesus would have flown the planes
That killed the kids in Viet Nam
Who would Jesus bomb?

Yes I hear you shout with confidence
As you praise the lord
And you talk about this God you know so well
And you talk of Armageddon
And your final victory
When all the evil forces go to hell
Well you’d best hope you’ve chosen wisely
On the right side of the lord
And when you die your conscience it is clear
You’d best hope that your atom bombs
Are better than the sword
At the time when your reckoning is here

‘Cause I don’t think Jesus would send gunships into Bethlehem
Or jets to raze the towns of Timorese
I don’t think Jesus would lend money to dictators
Or drive those SUV’s
And I don’t think Jesus would ever have dropped
A single ounce of napalm
Who would Jesus bomb?

1 thought on “WWJB?”

  1. Daniel, I appreciate all the research that you presented in this essay on the tragedy of war. Your statistics illustrate that human beings cannot function without a concept of God. Two books, both written my Ravi Zacharias, deal with the sin problem of humanity. The Real Face of Atheism and Can Man Live without God? In this article, you have drawn attention to the need of evangelism worldwide. Even in the USA, we are now witnessing what life without God looks like. I urge you to keep writing about things of this nature in order to, hopefully, light the fires of a spiritual revival of a concept God the Father and Jesus the Messiah. Jesus is the Prince of Peace. The so-called act of “abortion” is nothing else than MURDER. Hopefully, your readers with share this essay to enlighten individuals about the heinous crime of the killing of babies. If the leaders of the nations would accept Jesus, then they would not go to war, but it takes both sides to talk and to work together. Jesus is God’s answer to the sin problem. I thank you for all you do to promote unity among people in general.

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