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Weekly Update – March 6th

I have teamed up with my friend Kyle to deliver an eBook to you! It is a short book on How to Study the Bible. This is a beginner book, but there is something there for everyone! The goal is to teach people that they do not have to have a fancy degree or a lot of years of study in order to study the Bible effectively.

My goal is to release it this month, but this is our first one, so it could be in April at the latest. The first draft of the book is virtually complete, and after I edit it, Kyle will clean it up to the best of his abilities, and then we will release it to you! I will announce the release date in the next few weeks during a Friday blog, so be sure to check these updates for cool news like that.

Also, a year and a half ago, I started working on a very exciting project that has taken me time to complete. I have written, erased, and rewritten portions of the book several times now. While I do not want to reveal too much, it is a short novel that walks people through how I, and others, came to the view of fulfilled prophecy that we have. It is allegorical in nature, but I take breaks from the narrative to explain the imagery. So far, I have gotten nothing but positive feedback, so, hopefully, I will be able to announce that book later this year. Thank you for keeping up with the posts this week. I have had a lot of fun writing them, and I look forward to seeing the posts come into my email every day!

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