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Sermon Schedule

Theme for 2022: The Ten Commandments

May 1 -Adventure, Trial, and Joy

May 29 – Parents, Honor, and Coca-Cola

June 19 – Turning the Other Cheek

July 17 – Committing Adultery with the World

August 7 – Do Not Steal

August 28 – Parable of the Good Shepherd

September 25 – Let Your Yes Be Yes

October 16 – The Rich Young Ruler and the Questions We Ask

November 6 – Love Fulfills the Law and the Prophets

December 4 – Mark Those that Cause Division

December 25 – The Expectation of the Messiah


Tuesdays at 6:00 Central: Two Guys and a Bible with Don Preston

Tuesdays: Daniology

2022: Exploring Faith, Pursuing Grace with Lee Grant and Kevin Pendergrass

Speaking Engagements

June 5, 2022: Hebron Church of Christ – “What’s the Point?” Church

July 2022: Preterist Pilgrim Weekend

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