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Sermon: The First Commandment

Today at North Broad I was privileged to give a lesson on the first of the Ten Commandments: You Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me.

This command is not just a mental or verbal exercise but a challenge to place God first in everything. Since God forgives, we should too. Since God loves the good and the evil, we should love our enemies. Since God is righteous, we should seek his righteousness.

Hope you enjoy!

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1 thought on “Sermon: The First Commandment”

  1. Well spoken, I went to a little church one day to show respect to someone who had done the same for me of a different order, hey brother got up at the front of the church and read some scripture and stepped to the front of the aisle and began to pray what I heard was different than anything that I’d ever heard and it shook me he bowed his head and said old Father you know I don’t love you as ought, and you know I don’t love my brothers as myself, to my thought profound on my way home running this through my mind over and over I realized the two commandments given the brother had for confessed before the father and the brother he had failed them both and I realized if we confess our faults and failures to one another God would be faithful and just to forgive us of them all! That was profound to me and I just wanted to share that with you I look very forward to see you and rogersville in person praise the Lord will bless you and your endeavors as you speak!

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