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School's Back in Session

After a much-needed break, classes at the Georgia School of Preaching have resumed. On Tuesdays Laura and I will be taking a class on the book of James. On Thursdays, I have two classes via Google Hangout: Jeremiah/ Lamentations and Daniel. One way my neighbors can tell we’ve started going to school again is by the amount of UPS trucks stopping by my house during the day.

In the past two weeks I’ve gotten several books in the mail. 4 of those are Coffman’s book on Daniel and Dayton Keesee’s two-volume commentary on Jeremiah. I also ordered Ray Summer’s Essentials of New Testament Greek for fun (maybe I’ll have time to read it). 
Fortunately, Laura and I are starting the school year off right by taking a trip to Savannah, Georgia during the Spring Break for JSU. When we get to Savannah later on today, we plan on visiting the light house for sunset, eating at Joe’s Crab Shack for supper, and then (on Friday) taking a dolphin tour and adventuring through a fort later! It’s going to be a fun weekend. The only problem is how short it’s going to be. I’ll be sure to give an update for it when we get back.
In Christ,
Daniel Rogers

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