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Perception Versus Actuality

Matthew 16:19 (NAS): 19 “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and whatever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall have been loosed in heaven.”

Notice the expression “whatever you bind on earth shall have been bound in Heaven.” How did the disciples bind things on earth? The Holy Spirit was sent to teach them all things and to reveal to the people the Way of the New Covenant.

So, there was a discrepancy between what people perceived versus what was already a reality. Many have called this the “already but not yet” and I have no problem with that expression, but I believe that many with whom we study are not familiar with that language.

Now, this concept of perception versus actuality was not only true during the transition between “this age” and “the age to come,” but it is true today as well. It is true that we have “all spiritual blessings in Christ,” but our perception of those blessings is ever growing as we learn, unlearn, and relearn. When dealing with other believers, we often judge them based upon perception and not reality; in other words, we judge and condemn them because of their particular opinions without considering that they are already in possession of life through faith.

Nobody has perfect knowledge (perception of reality), but that does not mean that none of us possess that reality. We are all “erring” in some way. If we judge someone else because of their imperfect knowledge, then we stand condemned as well because we can never remove the beam of imperfection – just chip away at it (Matthew 7:2).

3 thoughts on “Perception Versus Actuality”

  1. Hello Daniel, I am somewhat confused about what point you are trying to make. Can you give us a real life example, with which you are personally familiar, to illustrate the main point of your blog post.



    1. Of course, brother.

      Before our study of fulfilled prophecy, we believed that there was coming a day when the world would be destroyed and everyone would be resurrected. For us, the resurrection was future. After studying fulfilled prophecy, our perception matches up with our reality. Many of my friends who still believe in a future resurrection do not realize the blessings that they currently have. Does this mean that they do not have them? No. But their perception contradicts their reality.

      Resurrection has been bound in Heaven, but for them it is still a future reality.

      We have all spiritual blessings in Christ, but our perception of these blessings (peace, joy, life, etc.) grow as we learn. It doesn’t mean that we never had those blessings, but we became more aware of them as we matured.

      1. Thanks Daniel. I whole hearted agree with your sentiment. My own understanding of the parousia has provided much comfort and peace for over 20 years

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