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Daniel Rogers

Author of How a 25-Year-Old Learned He Wasn’t the Only One Going to Heaven. Follow the blog for updates and information on the release date! Also be sure to check out my podcasts: EFPG and Daniology!

A Spiritual Feast
Mar 11, 20162 min read
Are You a Jew?
Mar 10, 20164 min read

“Let the Unity of Christians be our polar star.”


Daniel Rogers lives in Albertville, Alabama with his wife Laura and his son Cayden. He works as a co-minister for the North Broad Church. Daniel enjoys reading, writing, playing music, and spending time in the outdoors.

Daniel currently attends Amridge University where he expects to finish his B.A. in Biblical Studies by the end of 2022. After that, he plans on continuing his education by pursuing a Masters of Divinity.

Daniel has authored two books, several e-books, and hundreds of essays and articles. His favorite topics are eschatology, the Stone-Campbell Movement, and his own journey from legalism to freedom.

“Ecclesia semper reformanda.”

Speaking Schedule

Daniel shares the speaking responsibilities at North Broad evenly with two of his shepherds. He also appears on two podcasts each week and regularly speaks on lectureships and at other congregations.

He would love to visit your congregation or seminar!

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