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Notes from the Trenches

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Laura has fought valiantly this weekend, but she was called back from the trenches today to return to answer a call on a different front: elementary school.

As for me, well, I was left to fight the enemy: a nasty three-day stomach bug, high fevers, coughing, and eye funk. All of this was concentrated into a ball of chicken nuggets, basketball, toy trucks, and Wiggles music named Cayden.

We received a call that there might be reinforcements to assist us in the final hours of this battle, so I’m meeting with a commander at the local pharmacy to pick up the troops. Meanwhile Laura has taken over again.

Unfortunately we almost lost Laura to a three pronged attack while I was away. Not only did she have to battle the sickness and the pork chops, she also had to fight my stupidity.

Before leaving, I put some of the casualties from Cayden’s sickness into the new washer, but I forgot one crucial step: removing all of the junk they left in the washing machine.

So now I sit wounded, tired, and frustrated waiting on this meeting to be over while Laura fights valiantly alone. Soon I’ll return with the reinforcements along with some Swifter wet mops, but, until then, God speed, Laura. Stay brave.

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