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Mark Commentary: Introduction to the Introduction

I don’t typically like doing series because I get easily distracted. For these daily posts, I typically just write about whatever’s on my mind the day before.

Lately, politics and social issues have been on my mind since the election is coming up, so I’ve basically been writing out my own thoughts, struggles, and questions in relation to that.

So, doing a series can be difficult for me because I move on to the next subject fairly quickly. To complicate things, I go on a daily walk with Cayden and listen to audiobooks, podcasts, and sermons while we’re on the move. Many of the topics I write about come from a thought triggered by one of those.

But I love to write. And I’d like to write another book. I’ve got a book in the works now (around 150 pages or so in) that I think will be extremely helpful for answering a few questions: 1) how does someone become a preterist? 2) what is preterism and what does it try to do? And 3) how then should we live?

But, while I’m working on that, I figured I could do something a bit more robotic.

Now, this won’t be some sort of complex commentary that gets into the nitty gritty, but I do want to touch the high points and capture the overall theme of the book.

I’ll plan on posting comments on a few passages once a week or so. We’ll pick, say, Friday to publish it. So, this Friday I’ll begin with a few verses of chapter 1. See you then.

If you have anything you’d like me to specifically address in an article, let me know.

2 thoughts on “Mark Commentary: Introduction to the Introduction”

  1. Hi Daniel,
    I have recently come around to the partial preterist belief. What I don’t know is how does the end times fit in the bible. Seems like all the scriptures are referring to a 70ad time & the Judgement of Israel. If you have any scriptures that refer to a later time such as ours. I’d like to see it.
    Thank you,

    1. Hello Pierre!

      I don’t believe that the end of time fits in Bible prophecy at all. While you are a partial preterist, I consider myself a full preterist.

      I believe that Luke 21:20-22 teaches that all prophecy would be fulfilled within that generation. Now, it is talking about the Old Testament prophecy, but, as Paul said in Acts 24:14-15, there is no unique New Testament prophecy that stands apart from what was talked about in the Old Testament.

      Peter said in 2 Peter 3 he was writing to remind them of what the prophets had said. Paul’s doctrine of the resurrection was based out of Isaiah 25 and Hosea 13.

      So, I believe that those texts and the ones they were based upon fit into the comment made by Jesus in Luke 21:20-22 where He said that all things written would be fulfilled.

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