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John Loves Sevens

The writer of John and Revelation had a love for sevens: seven I AM statements, seven witnesses, seven churches, seven seals, seven trumpets, and on and on. Sometimes the sevens are numbered (such as the trumpets). Sometimes they are partially numbered (such as in the signs). Sometimes they are not numbered at all (such as the I AM statements). Regardless of their numbering, these sets of seven exist, and they were put there for a reason. The number seven is the number of perfection and takes one back to the creation account. In Revelation, the old creation is destroyed and leaves behind the New Creation after several sets of seven. In John, the same thing happens: the author begins with a reference to Genesis 1:1, and then, after introducing sets of sevens, the book ends with Jesus being resurrected as the new Adam in a garden. The point is that these patterns of seven are not coincidence; John is leaving behind these breadcrumbs as clues to his audience about the work, nature, and purpose of the messianic kingdom.

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