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The best place to order the paperback is through my gumroad account! If you happen to live in North Alabama and don’t need to pay shipping because we see each other regularly, then message me.

If you’d like to order the Kindle version, or order the paperback through Amazon, see the Amazon page.


1 in 4000

No, I have never thought that I was literally the only one going to heaven, but I might as well have.

There are approximately 2,000,000 members of the Church of Christ in the world. With a population of 7.9 billion people, this means I grew up with the impression that only .025% of the world’s population was saved. For reasons I’ll get into later, even this number is generous!

That means that one out of every four thousand people would go to heaven while everyone else was destined for eternal torment. Talk about a narrow way!

Thankfully, after a process that was both excruciating and exciting, I emerged from this way of viewing the world as a new person. I believe that those who have gone through similar experiences or may be on the verge of their own baptism of fire might gain encouragement from my story.

This book is also for those who may come from a more generous background but who would like to understand what a friend, family member, or colleague of theirs is going through.

It could also be helpful to someone who is interested in where Christianity is headed or who might sometimes be discouraged that it isn’t going anywhere. If God can transform someone like me, then I have hope for anyone who is caught up in such a system.

I believe that as long as Christianity as a whole emphasizes beliefs, traditions, and doctrines, we will continue down the path of decline. It may be a slow death, but this type of system is simply unsustainable. We must shift our focus from beliefs back to a faith that expresses itself through love. If you feel this same sense of urgency, then this book is for you.

You might also be reading this book because you want to see why I changed as a way to prevent your own children, church members, or maybe even yourself from leaving your particular movement, church, or religious organization. I invite you to read both with a critical eye and an open heart. I fully realize that I could be totally wrong, and I welcome discussion, but I also ask that you maintain a healthy dose of humility as you read my story. You may just see yourself in it. – Daniel Rogers