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2021 PPW Lessons

Hey everyone!

Here are my two lessons for PPW. I spoke on the New Exodus and the Book of Revelation. If you don’t have time to watch, you can also download my PowerPoint slides and notes here:

3 thoughts on “2021 PPW Lessons”

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  2. Hi Daniel. This presentation so old, but is new to me…. you probably won’t read this, but maybe. I heard you and met you at a FP conference in Virginia Beach. I think your presentation was on Types and Shadows. I am Preterist but have tempered my “doctrine” because there are simply things that don’t add up in my mind. So, I hope listening to you, I can get a better handle on what makes more sense. I think there is a danger in delving so deeply into the intellect side of this that it could cause us to forget that we cannot know all things and it still comes down to faith. Not you, but in my case. I have a lot of catching up to do, so thank you for your clear teaching.

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